13 July 2017

Introducing Ellie, Phoebe and Lottie

I've recently made a decision about how I use my children's names on my blog. If you've been here a while you'll know that I started this blog using nicknames for the little ladies - Miss Boo, Miss Tibs and Miss Dot as that was what I felt most comfortable with at the time and also what I thought I should do. 

Their nicknames were something we called them regularly at home but as time has gone on I am finding we use them less and less as they get older. I'm also finding it less natural to incorporate their nicknames into my writing and it's really tricky when we create video content not to say their names or for them not to call out to each other and I feel like it's getting a bit confusing for them, for me and for my readers.  

Also any concerns I had about using their names have disappeared as I've learnt more about blogging and grown in confidence. My children are aware of the blog and I write it knowing that one day they might read it, as after all that is why I set it up in the first place, as a little diary for them. In terms of their online footprint and privacy I feel like as their mother I am able to judge what is and isn't appropriate until they are old enough to express any preferences. They are growing up in a digital world and this is part of normal life for them. They really appreciate all of the wonderful opportunities that this blog brings us and are keen to be involved. As we have made the decision to share some of our family life here on the blog it just makes sense to use their actual names going forward.

So I'd like to introduce you properly to Ellie (5 ), Phoebe (3) and Lottie (1) 

I hope you'll enjoy continuing to read about the girl's adventures!

Me x


  1. Ah lovely that you have decided to do this I know that it has been the best thing I did and so much more natural too. Beautiful names x

  2. Lovely post. I'm currently struggling with how I want to share our newborn son and I agree with what you've said about how comfortable you feel with things. So for now our baby is just for us but I'm sure as he grows and my confidence develops he too may get a proper introduction. I look forward to reading more of your adventures x


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