3 July 2017

Siblings Project - June 2017

Everytime I take or look at photos of my three little ladies together I honestly can't believe they are all mine. Since making the decision that we won't be having anymore children I see them more than ever as a trio, a little set and the gap I once saw for a possible fourth baby seems to have disappeared. There is a symmetry to them, a completeness and I can't believe how lucky I am to have them and how lucky they are to have each other.

Enjoying chocolate lollies and sheltering from the rain
The three of them really look out for each other, are such a team and are unbeliavably close. The tough bits about having three children so very close together seem to be getting a bit easier as they help each other and gain independence. Wherever we go they have a playmate to adventure with and their close age gap means that they all enjoy the same thing. Miss Boo will more often than not take the lead and her little sisters keenly follow. Miss Tibs looks up to her big sister so much and proudly takes on the same role to Miss Dot, who has the two of them to look out for her and show her the way.

Playing their version of 'piggy in the middle'
I love this Month's set of photos because they capture their very special relationship in a candid way as we explored the grounds of Tyntesfield on the way back from our Treehouse Adventure. They invented their own game which they called 'piggy in the middle' in a sundial, where one of them sat in the middle and the others jumped round the stones, when someone stepped on a 'crack' they had to sit in the middle. It was so lovely watching them play like this.

Picking daisies
They picked daisies together and proudly brought them over to us in little posies and ran around together knocking on doors that they probably shouldn't have, chatting to each other about who might live inside.

Little ladies on the doorstep
Although a little dark as the rain clouds drew in, this last one is one of my favourites because it makes my heart sing seeing the three of them sat together knowing that they will always have one another. It also makes me realise how very little they still are against the backdrop of the huge house behind them but how fierce they are together. 

Though they be little they are fierce
These photos are ones I hope the girls will love looking at and reading about when they are older and capturing them and these memories in this way is the very reason I started my blog. The Siblings Project posts are always my favourite to write because I feel like they are written just for the girls, my 3 little ladies who totally and utterly complete me and who I couldn't be prouder of.

Me x

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