23 August 2017

Lottie is two!

To our little Lottie,

How apt it is that I am writing this as you are falling asleep on my chest on the eve of your second birthday? Not far off this time two years ago you were in my arms having just entered the world and you have hardly left them since. You just love a cuddle, you are like a little koala! Tonight as you called me from your cot you stretched out your arms to me when I walked in the room and said "cuddle mama" and I am more than happy to lie in the darkness holding you as you drift off to sleep knowing it won't be forever. Whilst you are turning two I feel our cuddles will continue for a some time yet and I'm super grateful that you are so cuddly being my last baby and thank you for indulging me! 

Second birthday, Lottie is two!
Lottie is two!
You are more than happy to be the baby of the family and embrace being the littlest. Your two big sisters adore you and you adore them right back. You and Phoebe play 'mummies and darlings' often pushing your dolls around together and Ellie has started reading to you. No one else can make you laugh like they do and vice-versa. You love to make people laugh with a funny dance or by shouting 'bankon bankon' - we have absolutely no idea what it means but it makes your sisters collapse in giggles without fail.

You have lots of words and are forming sentences, my favourites are: 

"I little sister"
"I too little mama" ( mostly in relation to your sisters vitamins which you can't have until you are 3)
" my turn on my pad" 

Talking of the "my pad" (Apple are missing a trick there) You love to watch Bing and most recently have developed a bit of a fascination with the gruffalo who you keep telling me "feels sad"... You love the park and going high on a swing, you love books, particularly each peach pear plum and the tiger who came to tea. You can almost sing twinkle twinkle little star and baa baa black sheep and love to choose the animals when we sing Old McDonald's Farm. Jerome giraffe is your pride and joy and you laugh as you tell me he's a "bit stinky." You're right and as soon as I can prise him off you for long enough he's going in the wash. You still love shoes, whenever we visit the shoe shop you pick a pair up of the shelf and put them on and you've taken to clip clopping around in my shoes. 

You have such a lovely nature and are super cute to the point that you get away with far more than you probably should! You have such a wonderful grin and light up a room with your big, bright eyes and if I could just bottle that cheeky giggle... You are lots of fun to be around and caring too, always showing concern if someone is sad and are super affectionate. You are quite cautious but will try new things with encouragement from your sisters as you like to be the same as them... including eating a whole  chocolate magnum ice cream on a sunny day ... a mini milk just won't cut it and I am greeted with your signature frown and pout combo and a very firm no! 

You're starting playgroup in September and I know you'll settle in beautifully, especially as your little partner in crime Phoebe will be there to show you the way. I never know if it's a third child thing or just your personality, but you just take everything in your stride partly because you have kind of had to but mostly because you want to be just like your big sisters and join in with all their fun.

We are spending your birthday as a family and off for an adventure in London. Completely unnecessary as all you would like for your birthday when asked is "a candle" and "a card" which makes me want to 'happy cry' as it's known in our house. But birthdays are for celebrating and today we celebrate you Lottie and everything that we love about our little dot. It feels like the last two years have flown by, but at the same time we can't remember not having you as part of our team. We love you so much.

Happy two little lady. 

Love Mummy x

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  1. Happy 2nd Birthday Lottie!! Have an amazing time celebrating as a family...sounds fab!!
    Adorable photo too, so cute :) xx


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