15 August 2017

Siblings Project - August 2017

This has been one of my favourite months of the year so far. A whole month with all three of my little ladies together and I think they have loved it too. With all three at home there is always a willing playmate, someone to snuggle, or someone to be cheeky with. My little set of siblings are more than just that, they are the best of friends and I never get tired of watching them together.

This month we bought the 'Trolls' soundtrack for the car... (Bear with me on this, there is a point to it!) Needless to say it's been on non stop, for every journey we have made and now the entire family, even grandparents, know the words to every song. Despite driving me slightly mad it really makes me smile as they dance in their car seats, singing along in a little row in the back. Something as simple as a song really unites them and brings such joy. I can't help but smile as I drive, listening in to their fun on the periphery.

They've also taken to holding hands in the car and when we're out and about which is quite frankly adorable, although not without it's problems when Ellie and Phoebe both want to hold Lottie's hand and she decides she is having none of it! She more often than not obliges allowing her big sisters to show her the way and look after her.

Siblings Project, Sisters, Castle Ashby
My three little ladies 
We had a wonderful day out at Castle Ashby this month, running around in the gardens, eating ice cream and watching the fish in the stunning Orangery and it's where I took this month's Siblings Project photos. I love them because they really sum up their relationship this month and how I feel about being a mother to them. Standing back and watching and listening to them is so satisfying and I feel so proud. I think with motherhood it's easy to get so wrapped up in the day to day and it can be hard to take a step back and enjoy all of the hard work you put in. There are tough days but there are also utterly wonderful days and this was one of them that I just wanted to capture forever. I am pretty sure I have written this before but I look at them from a distance and just can't believe they are mine and how very lucky that makes me and how lucky they are to have each other. Seeing them together this month has reminded me of my own childhood with my own siblings and to treasure them always, because siblings are very special indeed.

Siblings project, watching the fish together at castle ashby
Watching the fish together at Castle Ashby
We're looking forward to the last few weeks of the summer holidays with slow mornings, plenty of fresh air and an adventure or two thrown in for good measure. Whatever we do, I don't think the girls will mind as long as they are together. Without the pressure of work or school routines I'm going to try and just live in the moment a bit more, take a step back and drink in every smile, giggle and magical moment - of which I am sure there will be plenty.

Me x

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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  1. Oh their little coordinating outfits are so beautiful. Sounds like they have the best adventures together too. What a great summer and hope it ends as good too. #siblingsproject


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