23 September 2017

Siblings Project - September 2017

I loved having the girls together over the summer holidays and they really enjoyed being together too. The three of them have a ready made party and there is always someone who wants to play, or to dance with, giggle with or explore with. I couldn't help but feel a little sad when September rolled around and work, school, and play school resumed separating us all again throughout the week.

At the same time, I think we were all ready for a bit of the routine that September brought with it after lots of very slow mornings and living at my mums while we had our kitchen refitted. After a few days of school runs and several tears from everyone things settled down as they always tend to do.

siblings project september 2017

What has been lovely to see is the girls supporting each other and missing each other a little too. Phoebe and Lottie will often run to Ellie in the playground when we collect her in the afternoon and give her a big hug. They will chat over teatime about what they have been up to and I love to hear what they tell each other. Lottie has started play school with Phoebe who has proudly taken her by the hand and helped her settle in beautifully. She showed her where to put her lunchbox and helped her put her slippers on on the first day which was just so lovely to watch. It made leaving Lottie on her first day so much easier and as i drove into work I felt really proud of them.

siblings project september 2017

Whilst they each go their separate ways and do their own things during the week, they are always there to support one another, each one a little pillar each doing their bit. I hope they will always be there to hold each other up when they need it and be strong for one another, each important individually and as a team.

siblings project september 2017

I think this months Sibling project photos capture that part of their relationship perfectly and are one of my favourite sets this year. They also capture the lovely carefree summer we had as we make our way into autumn and leave summer dresses behind in exchange for wellies and bobble hats. We are all looking forward to October as it brings with it Half Term when we can all be together again.

Me x

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