28 November 2017

A Magical Day At Lapland UK

Lapland UK has been on my Christmas 'to visit' list for some time. We were so excited when the team invited us to come and experience the magic this year and share it with you. It is one of the most wonderful places we have ever taken the girls to and has left us all feeling unbelievably festive. Lapland UK is much more than just a visit to see Father Christmas, it's a fully immersive Christmas adventure that I can safely say we will never forget.

Lapland UK Review - letter from Father Christmas

A few weeks before our visit, the girls received the most beautiful letters from Father Christmas himself. The letter asked them if they would come and help the elves make some toys due to so many children being on the good list this year. We actually gave them to them just a few days before our visit to give them enough time for it to sink in, but without too many sleeps to count down! Seeing their little faces as we read the letters to them was such a lovely moment, they were just so excited.

Lapland UK Review - completely magical

Their excitement as we left on the morning of our visit was just infectious and it only grew throughout the day. From the moment you arrive in the Enchanted Wood (not far from Ascot), to the moment you reluctantly have to leave, you are surrounded by Christmas cheer. We were merrily greeted by elves under twinkling lights who explained everything we needed to know about our day.
The elves issued us with our Lapland passports and prepared us to pass through the magic door into Lapland with stories and songs. When the doors opened to reveal a snowy Lapland scene the girls were amazed and couldn't wait to go through.

Lapland UK Review - perfect for small folk

As we walked down the snowy path we were welcomed to the toy workshop, with a little door for the 'small folk' to climb through. The girls were thrilled to make a mummy and baby polar bear each to help the elves with their toy backlog. They needed a little help with this but it was such a lovely activity to share with them. They loved adding the hearts to the bears so that they could love their new owners. I did wonder whether they would be happy handing them over, but they happily carried them to the present wrapping room with proud smiles. The highlight for me was when they gave each child a pair of 'wish glasses' to put on and looking up at the toy workshop ceiling they were able to see hundreds of children's Christmas wishes through them in rainbow form above.

Lapland UK Review - Toy Factory

Leaving the toy workshop through a twinkling tunnel of trees we reached Mother Christmas's kitchen where the children listened to a Christmas Story and heard all about Father Christmas's love of gingerbread. In both rooms the children are encourage to sit separately from their parents which aged 5 Ellie was happy to do, but Phoebe (3) and Lottie (2) were not quite so sure and needed a little reassurance. This was remedied by choosing tables for the activities close to the edge of the room where there is space for 'big folk' to stand so we could be close by and help them as needed.

Lapland UK Review - Decorating Gingerbread

The attention to detail in the rooms is amazing, my favourite was the cooking pot on the stove behind Mother Christmas with a spoon that was stirring all by itself. The girls decorated gingerbread Christmas trees with icing and sweets and were given a little bag to take them home in which they really enjoyed.

Lapland UK Review

After receiving two stamps on their passports for completing the tasks we then had some time to explore the Lapland Village and collect their elf bells from the Emporium which they were awarded for helping. The village is everything childhood Christmas dreams are made of with so much to explore. There are huskies to meet, a toy shop, a sweet shop, a post office and ice skating rink. There are also several places to enjoy a treat, or warm up with a hot chocolate. 

Lapland UK Review - there are yummy treats to be found in the village

The village has a lovely bustle to it with elves wandering around talking to the children and there is Christmas music playing. Ellie and Lottie had a go at ice skating with the help of daddy and a penguin while Phoebe and I exchanged some money for some Elf Jingles (the currency in the village). The exchange rate is the best I have come across with £1 giving you 1J and you can change back any you have left over at the end!

Lapland UK Review - Ice Skating with daddy

Phoebe was over the moon with her elf jingles which were given to her in a little red pouch and really added to the feeling that we had been transported to another world. We spent them in Pixie Mixie's sweet shop where Ellie and Phoebe loved filling up a generously sized cup with pick and mix sweets and Lottie chose a chocolate lolly. Although there is plenty to buy at Lapland UK there is no hard sell at any point which I think is great.

Lapland UK Review- Collecting Elf Jingles

We just had time to pop into the post office and write a letter to Father Christmas on special Lapland paper. If we were to go again I would probably write our letters in advance and take them with us as the girls spent quite a bit of time deliberating what to put on them and it was perhaps a little overwhelming for them. In the end each of them asked for one of the cuddly polar bears which they had made earlier in the toy workshop, a request which I am sure Father Christmas will be able to meet!

Lapland UK Review - An elf house

There was just so much to explore in the village and even though we had an hour and a half there before our time to meet Father Christmas we didn't quite manage to see it all. I felt I had to rush the girls a little at points, especially as we had to squeeze in something to eat as it was lunchtime and would probably choose a slot that wasn't over a mealtime for this reason next time.

Lapland UK Review - walking to find father christmas

At two o'clock we made our way out of the village along a winding and very serene pathway, it was quiet and calm and absolutely beautiful. There was no queue and we seemed to have left the crowds behind in the village. It was so peaceful and just allowed us to enjoy the magic together as we walked to find Father Christmas. Along the way were tiny elven houses and Father Christmas's reindeer and sleigh to see too, all building the anticipation and magic even more.

Lapland UK Review - keep an eye out for reindeer

Upon arriving at a wooden lodge we sat very briefly before being escorted just the five of us to meet Father Christmas. We waited outside while the elf checked he was ready and at that moment I had tears in my eyes watching my little ladies willing the door to open with wide, excited eyes and their faces beaming with grins.

Lapland UK Review - meeting Father Christmas

Father Christmas was so lovely, he welcomed the girls like old friends, knowing their names and talking about things they had done recently (thanks to a little bit of magic when we registered our booking). He showed them their names on the good list and presented them each with the most beautiful cuddly huskies. They were quite simply in awe and watching the scene from the corner of the room the wonder on their little faces was just so magical for me.

Lapland UK Review - the best day ever

Lapland UK is a place that beautifully captures Christmas through a child's eyes, where imagination becomes reality and where very special memories are made. We didn't want to leave and as we made our way back through the magic door into the Enchanted Wood I had quite forgotten that it hadn't snowed back in Ascot. Tucking the children into bed that night the girls told me it 'was the best day of their lives' which when people have asked me if I feel the experience is worth the price tag is all the answer I need.

A day at Lapland UK doesn't come cheap at a cost of £65 and upwards per ticket, however, when you consider what is included it is actually excellent value for money. 

What's included?
  • Approximately a 4hr Christmas Experience, our tour began at 11am and we left at 3pm
  • Beautiful letters inviting the children to Lapland to assist the Elves
  • The girls were given a badge, sticker and elf passport on arrival
  • Toy making activity with some of the Elves
  • Gingerbread decorating with Mother Christmas 
  • Each child is given a beautiful Elf bell for helping prepare for Christmas which you collect from the Elf Emporium after the activities
  • Ice skating
  • Letter writing to Father Christmas
  • Meeting huskies
  • Seeing the reindeer
  • An extremely special and personal visit to Father Christmas
  • A beautiful gift from Father Christmas
  • A family photo with Father Christmas
  • A Christmas morning Thank you Card from Father Christmas 
  • A very large helping of Christmas cheer AND an extra large dose of Magic!
Having experienced the magic of Lapland UK and all that it has to offer I would say it is worth every penny. It's something that I'd love to put a little bit of money away for each month so we can go again next year while the magic is still there for the girls as it is such a very special thing to share together. We filmed a short video of our experience which you can watch below:

Me x

You can find our more about Lapland UK HERE.

* We were kindly invited to Lapland UK in exchange for an honest review. 
All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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