18 November 2017

Siblings Project - November 2017

"Side by side or miles apart, sisters will always be connected by the heart." 
- Author Unknown -

I will absolutely never tire of seeing my three girls in a row. I have taken to stepping back and observing them as much as I possibly can and just adore watching their bond grow each week. The dynamic between them is constantly evolving; they are so close and really look to each other for help, support and best of all for company. The photos I took this month were of a very simple, everyday moment - feeding the ducks at our local park. With a bag of food each they stood together and threw their grain into the pond, pointing out ducks at the back who might need some to one another, sharing their grain out and chatting to one another.

Siblings Project

Ellie takes her big sister role very seriously and is always checking her little sisters are OK and if they need help. I love this caring side of her personality, she is such a little mother hen. In a few weeks time she's turning six and I've noticed a real change in her maturity. She is so keen to learn and asks so many questions and is really enjoying school. We've just had her school report sent home and the effort she puts into everything is something that has made us so proud.

Siblings Project

She's recently been elected onto the School Eco-Council and has an increasing awareness of the world around her and outside of her little bubble. She can now read really fluently and often reads a book to one of her siblings, I love nothing more than standing in the doorway and listening to these very simple but very perfect moments. Empathy is something she has always had, but this month her understanding of the importance of being kind and helping others really shone through on Children in Need day. She is constantly colouring and drawing, I have a huge pile of 'I love you mum' notes that I just have to keep. As hard as it is letting go of the baby days (which are really on their way out in our house) these are the moments as they grow which just make your heart burst.

Siblings Project
Phoebe has also really changed lately and is growing up so quickly. This last year with her at home before she goes to school is flying by which reminds me that I really need to get on and do her school application... She has started trying to write her name and has learnt several of the letters in it. I'm feeling rather awful about calling her Phoebe as phonetically it just doesn't make sense to her, but we are getting there. She is really enjoying her getting ready for school sessions at playgroup and so proud of everything she brings home. She has just learnt to draw rainbows, everything she creates has one at the moment and it really makes me smile as she is my little rainbow.

 Phoebe has really benefited this month from some one on one time with daddy which she now has every Wednesday morning while Lottie goes to play school. They go swimming together and her confidence is really growing and it just brings her so much joy.  She is such a water baby, constantly under the water like a mermaid. She's brave and determined and knows what she does and doesn't want and I really admire that about her. She plays so well with Lottie, often making up little games that the two of them play, I really love watching them on Fridays when it is just the three of us. She's still such dinky dot but so keen to grow up, telling everyone and anyone that she will be four in January.

Siblings Project

The biggest change within the siblings this month has been Lottie's transformation from a toddler to a little girl. Oli and I were looking at some photos I took of her and noticed how different she is looking all of a sudden. She is the funniest little character, chatting confidently away and really looking up to both her big sisters. Her sleep is still a little erratic, she still likes to come in our bed or have one of us lie on her bedroom floor once in a while but generally she's sleeping in her own room. She has however much to my dismay pretty much dropped her naps, we are lucky to get the odd car nap or she might doze off in the pushchair... she just doesn't want to miss a moment. She loves Peppa Pig, playing shops and being outside in our playhouse. She loves to make other people laugh and if she finds something that we laugh at you can guarantee she'll do it on repeat for the rest of the day. Oli's Dad recently asked us if she was ever sad as she has such a sunny disposition, I have to say it's very rare but we certainly know about it when she is not happy.

I hadn't meant for this update to be quite so lengthy but with three very different personalities and so much to document it's tricky to keep it brief. As they change and grow I'm more conscious than ever to record these tiny details which I might forget.

Me x

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