8 December 2017

10 Tips For Self Care

Having had several conversations with other mums lately I have realised that most of us are really terrible at looking after ourselves. It's something that for some reason we feel guilty about, feel we don't have time for, or just don't make a priority.

10 tips for self care

When life gets busy it can all feel a bit overwhelming and exhausting as there is just so much to do. It's usually only when I burn out that I allow myself to have a break, so I'm trying really hard to be better at exercising self care before I reach this point. I've realised it's really important, not just for me, but for my family too - you can't pour from an empty cup.

I'd just like to say that I'm no expert and still very much putting this into practice myself, but here are ten things that have worked for me in making things feel a little more manageable:

1. Ask for help, you cannot do it all. People always say the 'jobs can wait' but realistically most of them can't and I always feel so much better when I'm on top of things. Ask you partner/family members/friends to have the children for a few hours while you catch up on jobs. Or if you are able to ignore the jobs then use the time to have a rest and recharge.

2. Use a weekly planner. I use mine to write down all the things that are floating around my head and put them somewhere where they can be ticked off and also read by others so that the responsibility is not all mine. I also allocate two achievable jobs a day and then by the end of the week I feel like I've got somewhere. These might be vacuum downstairs and change the beds for example.

3. Get a cleaner. This is the best investment I have ever made, once a fortnight my house is cleaned top to bottom and for a few days I feel on top of it. It also gives me one of the most valuable gifts of some extra time, totally worth it and costs the same as a Friday night takeaway.

4. Do an online food shop. This is a game changer, a time saver and it feels so good when you open the door to a weeks worth of food and you haven't had to leave the house.

5. Have something once a week that is yours. For me it's yoga, 7pm on Wednesday night is my time, me, my mat and I. 

6.  Switch off. Turn your phone off, hop in the bath with a book or magazine and get an early night. 

7. Watch some rubbish TV and paint your nails, I always feel so much better when I've done my nails don't you? 

8. A friend kindly reminded me that baked beans are a perfectly acceptable tea for the children. Take the pressure off, they do not need gourmet food every single night - not that I am for one minute suggesting mine have but I do like them to have a healthy balanced diet.

9. Book a day off work when everyone else is a play school, school, work etc and enjoy the silence and having no agenda other than your own. 

10. See your friends or have a date night. Being you is the best kind of therapy and spending time with those who know you best and you can be yourself can work wonders.

Whatever you choose to do - look after you, because you matter.

Me x

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