2 December 2017

Ellie is 6!

Today you are six Ellie! That feels really grown up... you have grown so much in the last year in so many ways. You are such a happy, kind and now confident little girl which is just wonderful to see. 

A letter to my daughter Ellie on her 6th birthday
Ellie Age Six!
You love school and are learning so much and asking us so many questions. My favourite the other day was ‘where does space end?’ It’s a good one and I couldn’t answer it! You can now read fluently and are picking up books from the bookshelf and reading them to yourself and your sisters. You carefully read all your birthday cards for the first time today and I could see the pleasure it gave you. 

You write beautifully, I am always finding little notes around the house, my favourites are of course the ‘I love you mummy’ ones which I will keep forever. You still love to draw and create things and always include so much detail and thought into everything. I have huge piles of artwork everywhere as a result! 

You love ballet and swimming and are working so hard at both. I see your determination and courage and how hard you try. Remember you can do and be anything you want to be, we are all right here behind you with word of encouragement and so much love. Family means so much to you and you love playing with your sisters and cousins and spending precious time with grandparents. You have also made and maintained some lovely friendships this year which I can see you really treasure. You love making memories with all these special people and your ability to recall them always makes me smile.

You love unicorns and tutus and hair bands and singing and dancing in the kitchen. You really love being read chapter books- we read one chapter each night at bedtime. We’ve just started on Roahl Dahl and I can see his words are igniting your imagination. Your favourite colour is still purple whenever I see it I think of you!

You have well and truly adopted our family motto of being kind and gentle and I see your kindness shine everyday. When you opened your birthday cards this morning and found some money in one of them you said you were going to buy something for you, Phoebe and Lottie. You shared your presents and included your sisters in your day so beautifully. You are a wonderful role model for them and they are learning so much from you. 

Keep being you Ellie Boo because you’re awesome.

All my love little lady

Mummy xxx

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