7 January 2018

18 Goals for 2018

This time last year I set myself some goals for the year ahead, the focus being goals rather than resolutions. Goals seem better somehow, something to aim for, some guidance, a rough direction for the year ahead. Top of the list in 2017 were family time, me time, time with Oli and home renovation projects and we did pretty well with them.

My goals for 2018

Now that the madness of Christmas is over and we are back to some kind of normality I have begun to think about what the year ahead might hold. This year I've decided to jot down 18 goals for 2018, some are small but important, others are bigger things I'd like to/hope to achieve. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Explore more of the UK

We had two lovely UK holidays last year in Yorkshire and Somerset and absolutely loved exploring these beautiful areas with the girls. There are so many amazing places on our doorstep or within a few hours drive and I'd like to continue discovering some new spots this year.

2. See more of the world

We haven't been abroad for a number of years, mainly due to having three children under 4 and also due to budget. Before we had children Oli and I loved our holidays abroad and had some great adventures in Sri Lanka, Italy and the Maldives to name just a few. Now the girls are getting older I 'd love to show them the world and plan a trip away if possible.

3. See my friends more

Last year life was so busy and I found myself so exhausted that I didn't see my friends very much. I missed them and time with them so am making catching up regularly a top priority this year.

4. Sleep more

Dare I say it... sleep is improving here. After six years of very little sleep we seem to be finally getting some. Lottie is still quite erratic and will wake  in the night and fight bedtime a few nights a week, but Ellie and Phoebe are sleeping well so the end feels in sight! Regardless of improvement I am going to try and go to bed a little earlier each night and improve the quality of my sleep by unwinding more before bed.

5. Eat better

This one is simple. No skipping meals, less high sugar pick me ups, more fruit.

6. Drink more water

Being busy and tired I always default to tea or coffee and then often have a glass of wine in the evening. I definitely NEED to drink more water.

7. Look after my skin

Sometimes by the time I make it upstairs at the end of the day all I want to do is climb into bed - and I often do... without taking my makeup off. Approaching my mid thirties I am becoming more conscious of my skin and need to take care of it better. I have a dressing table full of great products, i just need to actually use them! Phoebe prompted this when she asked how to get lines on her forehead like me?!

8. Read a book

I miss reading. I studied English Literature at University and used to read 3-5 books a week. Since having the girls I haven't made time to read, even if it's 5 minutes before bed I really want to loose myself in a good book again. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them

9. Do some cardio exercise

I stuck to last year's goal and go to yoga every single Wednesday evening. It has been so good for me and I feel stronger for it. Now I'm sat at a desk working three days a week and pounding the pavements less with my double buggy and a baby in a sling I feel like I want to do some cardio. Running is out of the question due to a knee op in my twenties but I feel like spin might work....

10. Make more time for me

I learn this year that you can't pour from a empty cup so I am going to prioritise myself more this year. I will have one Friday morning a month just to myself to do with as I please. In between that goal 8 and 9 count as me time.

11. Make time to do nothing

Yes absolutely nothing. Sitting with a cup of tea (or water!) lying in a hot bubbly bath, watch tv - anything that makes me slow down and quieten my mind.

12. Continue to grow my blog

I love writing my blog, it brings me so much satisfaction and joy and going into my third year of blogging I want to continue to learn more, create useful and interesting content for you all and improve my photography skills.

13. Bake more

I love baking. I find it really relaxing and feel really proud when I create something that looks and tastes delicious. I love the smell in the house when there is a cake in the oven, the time shared with the girls when we bake together and the focus it gives me when I bake on my own. I tend to default to my fail safe recipes but would like to mix it up a little and try some new ones this year.

14. Home renovation projects

I have so many goals when it comes to the house but we have narrowed them down to a couple of things to save for. We would love to replace our front door, tile and paint the hallway and change the carpet on the stairs and landing to the original floorboards and a runner. If we can achieve that this year it would make a big difference to our home and how we feel when we walk in the door at the end of the day. I'm also going to save £100 a month from my wages for next years January sales to do  up the bathroom... I am dreaming of reclining in a roll top bath surrounded by fresh subway tiles!

15. Be in the moment more

In our very digital world it is far to easy to sit at opposite ends of the sofa to your husband both on your phones, or to be checking social media when you're out and about with the children. For me the desire to capture the moment in photographs often means that I not fully present in them. I am going to put my phone and camera to one side more and just enjoy the moment and capture it only in my memory.

16. Declutter

I have made some good headway with decluttering but still have some way to go. Now that the baby days are over it is time to get rid of all our baby bits which will give us so much space back. I'm signing up to a nearly new sale next month so it can all go to a lovely new home and we can make a bit of pocket money to spruce up the girls bedrooms a bit.

17.  Say No more

I can be a bit of a people pleaser and will say yes to things when it might not be what I really want to do, add to my workload and just not be what is best for me or my family and we can end up over diarised. I am going to be more confident at saying no to things and not feel like I have to give an excuse as to why either.

18. Say Yes more

In complete juxtaposition to the above I also want to say yes more! Mainly to the girls, yes to one more story, yes we can do that activity, yes you can go the shops dressed as Elsa! But also to opportunities, for Oli and for me and for the girls, if it's right for us and we can make it happen then the answer is yes!

Phew! 18 goals is rather a lot but if I tick off just one of these then that will be an improvement. Writing all these things down has given me some focus and will give me something to refer back to throughout the year.

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!

Me x

You can read my Goals from last year HERE.

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