20 January 2018

Phoebe is Four

To my lovely little Phoebe,

There is a theme running with these letters having just looked over the last two... you are in an awful rush to grow up! As I put you to bed on your birthday you asked me when you would be five! You've been asking for the last 364 days when you will be four! I think you just like a good party and cake, in fact I know you love a good party and cake and who can blame you. I want you not to wish your years away though my sweet girl because right now you are everything that is wonderful about childhood - inquisitive, adventurous, brave innocent and absolutely unapologetic with zest for life that is enviable and which radiates from you. Your imagination is also absolutely beautiful and you are convinced that every time it's frosty or snows that you have made it happen with your 'ice powers'! It certainly makes me smile as i'm scraping ice off the windscreen on the school run.

A letter to my daughter Phoebe on her 4th Birthday

You know your own mind and do not take any nonsense which I really admire because it's taken me almost 34 years to get there! You have a brilliantly unique sense of style which I'm not sure many other people could carry off to be honest. I love how you express yourself with your outfits and request bizarre hairstyles and choose your best party dress for playgroup - because why on earth not?! Your current love is stick on earrings, teamed with a tutu and a top with daisies on which is far too small for you but that you are refusing to relinquish. You are also developing an entrepreneurial spirit, or rather the skill of learning how to negotiate with your parents... and recently charged your daddy 80p to appease Lottie who was having a bit of meltdown because she wanted to wear your flowery pyjamas!

You love going swimming with daddy on Wednesdays just the two of you while your sisters are at school and playschool and I'm really pleased you get that time together. You are particularly proud at the moment because you swam to the edge all by yourself and while you don't like deep water we struggle to keep you above the water in the shallow end as you dive beneath the surface like a little mermaid.

You have a ridiculously sweet tooth and love to bake, mostly to lick the bowl I think and will take any excuse for a hot chocolate or milkshake at our favourite cafe. We've had some of our best chats you and I over a babycino in Waitrose, I love to sit opposite you and share the simple joy of hot bubbly milk sprinkled with chocolate.

You are great company, asking lots of questions and making us laugh and also the biggest instigator of dancing in the kitchen which has become a family favourite. You love your sisters and have such gorgeous relationships with them both, you relish your role as both a little sister and a big sister - looking up to Ellie and showing Lottie the way and I'm really, really proud of you for that.

You love playing with trinkets, your dolls and cutting and sticking and are getting to grips with forming some letters and writing your name. You're really good at aqua beads and sit so patiently putting them all in place. You're learning how to ride your balance bike at the moment having mastered your scooter and I can see how much you love the challenge in your eyes. You balance bike has actually been sat under the stairs since your last birthday pretty much unused but then one day the other week you decided you wanted to ride it and off you went! You do everything on your terms and when you're ready and I totally respect you for that. This year you will be starting school, which given the above will go either one way or another - you will either saunter in with a little smile and a wave over your shoulder or we will have protest on our hands! Either way my darling girl know that I will be there for you whatever.

All my love

Mummy x

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