7 May 2018

Mealtimes with Skip Hop

There seems to be a real shortage of children's tableware but luckily Skip Hop have got it covered with their adorable animal character sets. The have it covered from drinks bottles to bowls, plates and cutlery - making mealtimes brighter and more fun whilst being practical at the same time.

We were kindly sent some butterfly plates, bowls, drinking bottles and cutlery to try out and I was really impressed. The thing I love about Skip Hop is the quality and design, as well as looking super cute their range is made to last. The girls really love the simple and colourful characters and are keen to set the table at mealtimes.

Zoo Straw Bottle

Recommended for 12 months plus these drinking bottles are fab. They have a a flip lid and flexible straw and are perfect for on the go, for lunch boxes or just at mealtimes to prevent spillages. They are  BPA free and there are clear instructions on how to clean the bottle and straw as well as a spare straw should it need replacing at any point which I thought was brilliant. Lottie is able to open and close the lid herself which is great.

It's also dishwasher safe and having taken it out and about there were no leaks in my bag. Lottie loves the butterfly motif and the pink bottle, I've found having a drinking bottle she likes drinking out of has encouraged her to drink more which on warmer days is important so that she is hydrated in the sunshine.

 Zoo Melamine Plate and Bowl Set

I was really impressed at the quality of the the plate and bowl, they are made from melamine and really durable. Coming as a set they make a lovely gift and represent good value for money. Suitable from 6 months onwards they are perfect for all mealtimes whether that's hot or cold lunches and dinners, picnics or snacks. 

The girls rush to the cupboard to pick theirs out ready for mealtimes. They really like the divider on the plate which is good for separating food and the bowls are a firm favourite at breakfast time. They are perfectly sized and again can go in the dishwasher. 

Zootensils Fork and Spoon Set

This set is brilliant for toddlers learning to use a fork or spoon. They are so easy to hold and perfect for little hands with soft grip sides. They are durable stainless steal with the character motif on both sides and can of in the dishwasher. Lottie finds them really easy to use due to the size and shape of them making mealtimes less messy, even when it comes to things like yogurt!

There are so many different designs in the Skip Hop mealtimes range so you can choose a character your child will love and you can mix and match and collect designs too. We have our eyes on the new Luna Llama set next!

Me x

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