19 July 2018

Thank You For Helping Me Grow Teacher Gifts

With the end of term approaching I wanted to share our easy homemade teacher gifts with you which I think make the perfect thank you present for play school, nursery and school teachers. With seven people to thank this year I wanted to make something cost effective and thoughtful at the same time. I love the sentiment 'Thank you for helping me grow' so used this for the basis for our gifts of little hand painted plant pots which worked out at just over £4 each. You can find a simple tutorial and a list of everything you need to make one below.

Little painted plant pots tied with string and a thank you for helping me grow tag

You will need

  • Terracotta plant pots (ours were 45p each from the local garden centre)
  • Plants, alpines or succulents work well or a little flower would also be lovely (ours were £2.49 each from the garden centre
  • Some paint sample pots (you can use any paint, we used a Little Greene sample pot of Paris Grey and Slaked lime left over from when we renovated the kitchen last year)
  • A paint brush
  • Some brown string or raffia (available from DIY/Craft Stores)
  • Some gift tags (I ordered ours complete with lettering from Creative Feel Designs for £1.20 each)
  • Some scissors

You will need, plants, plant pots, paint, string, tags

Step 1 

Paint the outside of your pots and leave them to dry, I also painted the rim and just inside the lip of the pot so that once the plant were potted you wouldn't see any terracotta. You can paint them any colour you like, we opted for a neutral grey tone as I thought it goes with most colour schemes.

Paint your pots with spare paint you might have, we used Little Greene slaked lime

Step 2

Tie string or raffia around the rim of the pot and pop in your plant

Once your pot is painted pop in your plant and tie string around the rim

Step 3 

Add your tags. If you are good at lettering you (which I'm not!) you could buy plain ones and write your own, or put them through the printer using a typography font, or use a stamp set.

Thank you for helping me grow plant pots

I ordered ours from Creative Feel Designs and they were exactly what I had in mind. The children wrote a message and their names on the back.

Thank you for helping me grow plant pots

Teaching our girls gratitude, to be thoughtful and to thank people is really important to me, they are really excited to give their teachers their little pots this year and have made matching cards to go with them using their hand and finger prints. We simply painted their hands green to make a plant and then added petals by finger painting. Its such a simple idea but one the children really enjoyed doing and it has involved them in the process of taking the time to thank those who have helped them grow and learn this year.

Easy handprint thank you for helping me grow cards for teachers at the end of term

Me x

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Painted plant pots with succulents in and tied with string

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