29 August 2018

Childrens Occasion Wear with Roco Clothing

My girls love a party, in fact any excuse to pop on a dress and twirl around. Roco Clothing have a stunning range of occassion wear for girls and boys perfect for parties or special events like weddings and christenings. It can be really hard to find children's occasion wear, it was something we struggled with when we were looking for flower girl outfits for my sister's wedding last year, I only wish we had come across Roco at that time, but we will certainly know where to look in the future!  

Blue floaty elsa flower girl dress

The girls were absolutely delighted when they sent us three beautiful dresses and have hardly stopped twirling since! As much as we love pink in our house I have always loved dressing the girls in blue, all our favourite princesses wear it and Roco's 'Elsa' dress by Paisley of London did not disappoint. 

Blue floaty elsa flower girl dress with bow

The dress is simple and understated yet with lots of attention to detail making it really special - floaty sleeves and ruffles, pleats, a full skirt and the bow at the back is the most lovely finishing touch ensuring the dress looks gorgeous from every angle and utterly timeless.

Blue floaty elsa flower girl dress and flower crown

The 'Elsa' dress is available in sizes 2 years -7 years and also comes in a dusky pink and grey. At £34.99 I think they represent amazing value for money and would make the sweetest little flower girl dresses. The fabric is lightweight and the dress itself has a cotton lining meaning it is comfortable to wear and easy to move in, the girls had no trouble running around in them and even climbing gates! 

Purple flower crown

They are easy to put on with a zip fastening and arrived in their own little garment bags to keep them looking their best between occasions, the only down side for me is that they are dry clean only. 

A perfect little purple flower crown

We teamed them with pink and purple flower crowns (also from Roco Clothing) which just finished the outfit off perfectly and the girls skipped around wearing them like little flower fairies. The flower crowns are adjustable and simply tie with a sheer ribbon at the back. They come in a range of colours and are such a gorgeous accessory to add whether its a pop of contrasting colour or to match an outfit. 

Blue elsa flower girl dress and purple flower crown

Roco Clothing stock a wide range of accessories to complement their occasion wear including shoes, hair accessories and boleros making ordering an outfit really simple. The thing that struck me most about Roco Clothing was the choice, there are so many outfits to choose from in lots of colour ways ranging from age 0-16, all at the touch of a button and delivered to your door You can view their stunning collection by visiting their website here.

Me x

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26 August 2018

Back to school with Marks and Spencer

The summer holidays have absolutely flown by, we have had so many adventures, wonderful slow days and spent lots of quality time together. As lovely as it has been, I think we are all ready to get back into some kind of routine and for me that always starts with our back to school shop. This academic year I have two little school girls to organise as Phoebe starts reception and joins Ellie as she goes into year two. They say time speeds up when your children starts school and that definitely rings true for me, so whilst I'm not ready at all for this milestone, the girls are all ready to go thanks to high street favourites Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer school uniform - pinafore dresses and polo shirts

If you've been here a while you'll know that I absolutely love M&S uniform, it lasts so well, washes brilliantly and is such lovely quality. Ellie started school in M&S uniform two years ago and I've been able to hand quite a bit of it down to Phoebe which is fabulous and testimony to the quality. Going shopping for school uniform feels like a bit of a right of passage and I think all part of getting mentally prepared for starting or going back to school for the children so off we went to M&S to stock up on outgrown items and buy Phoebe her very own first uniform.

Marks and Spencer school uniform - pinafore dresses and polo shirt

The girls chose these very sweet knitted pinafore dresses which are like jersey fabric and so soft and comfy, they love the bow detail! There are no buttons or zips to worry about which will make getting ready and out the door in the mornings and changing on their own on PE days that little bit easier and the fabric doesn't crease meaning they look really smart. 

Marks and Spencer school uniform - pinafore dresses

We also have some traditional button pinafores which I adore and always put the girls in for special school events like presentation assemblies, performances and church services, at 6 Ellie can easily manage the buttons. We also have some some pleated skirts which are adjustable at the waist and I find really good for the transition between summer and winter when it's not quite warm enough for a summer dress teamed with some knee high socks. We then keep it really simple and pair everything with white polo shirts which are stain resistant meaning they'll handle whatever the school day brings! 

Marks and Spencer school uniform - pinafore dresses

The thing I love about doing our school uniform shop at M&S is that it's a one stop shop, they have so much choice and a really broad range of sizing and you can get everything you need from coats, to back packs and scuff resistant shoes. While we were there we also stocked up basics like socks and tights and even vests for that extra layer when it gets cooler. The whole experience was really easy and stress free and the girls loved their uniforms and were so excited that they wanted to leave the shop wearing them! 

Marks and Spencer school uniform - pinafore dresses

The fact that they love their uniform is really important especially as they will be spending five days a week in it learning, painting, eating lunch, sitting in assembly, playing, cartwheeling on the school field and running around the playground. I know from experience that their uniform will confidently pass all those tests and will only need replacing as they grow which is always bittersweet as a mother but I'll enjoy watching them bloom.

Me x

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23 August 2018

Lottie is Three!

To our little Lottie

You are three! Apparently I’m not allowed to call you little anymore because you are a big girl and grew in the night... You always make us smile with your little sayings, comments and mispronunciations, I thought I’d document some of them here as I know that one day we’ll forget..
  1. A big one cheese - means a slice of cheese, you usually ask for this when we are making tea
  2. Seebee/Seebs- What you call Phoebe.
  3. Ella - what you call Ellie, no one else does but Ellie secretly loves it
  4. Bankon bankon - we still have absolutely no idea what this means but it’s usually when you are being silly and it never fails to crack your big sisters up
  5. Oonicorn - aka unicorn, something we don’t correct because it’s very cute when you say it.

Lottie is three

You are growing into such a lovely and confident little girl, you love playing with your sisters, cousins and friends and are thriving at playschool. You are kind and caring and so, so cuddly. You have absolutely no awareness of personal space, or if you do you just don't care and want to be as close to us as you can. You still often wake in the night for a cuddle and I still sit on your bedroom floor each night when I put you to bed. Then there are the nights when you just wander into our room with your drink and Jeromey and climb  into the middle of our bed. It’s getting a bit of a squash and a squeeze now that you’re three, but you're the baby of the family and I'm clinging onto these days for dear life so we let it go.. 

Lottie is three

Being the youngest you get away with so much, helped by the fact that we all think you are super cute, if not sometimes a little bit wild! When I asked your big sisters how they would describe you they said 'adorable, funny and loves her big sisters'. You play so well with them, usually 'mums and darlings' and always want to be the big sister, something you don’t usually get to do and on the most part the others humour you.

Lottie is three

You are cheeky, you are lively, you bring a little bit of sunshine. You love scooting, going to the park and singing - you sing all the time, every day whether or not anyone is listening. You swim every week with daddy on a Thursday and are quite at home in the water, jumping in as you shout 'watch me mummy and daddy!'

You are super ticklish, even putting your suncream on sends you into hysterical giggles. Your laugh is fantastic and totally contagious, it's a total cliche but I wish I could bottle it, teamed with your dance moves! Your favourite colour is currently purple, your favourite food is probably hummus, otherwise known as dip dip, closely followed by our Sunday morning pancake tradition.

Lottie is three

You very rarely complain and if you do it’s really only because you are tired or hungry. You are a tolerant soul and have already learnt such patience, I guess traits developed from being the youngest of three. At the same time you don’t take any nonsense and definitely know what you like! 

Lottie is three

Whilst you are keen to grow up and follow in your sisters footsteps, don’t rush little one. You are desperate to start school with Phoebe, which you will be next year just a few weeks after your 4th birthday! In the meantime we have managed to console you with being one of the older children at playschool to which you said you will look after the little ones. You’re still such a little dot that most of the ‘little ones’ will probably be bigger than you in size, but you have the biggest of hearts and that is what really matters! 

Happy birthday my darling

Love Mama (really hoping you don't stop calling me that anytime soon) x

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15 August 2018

Creating Multi Purpose Smart Spaces

With space at a premium in our house I am always trying to think of smart ways to use and make the best of what we have available. First I think about what we want or need to use the space in our rooms for, then I try and create practical multi-purpose areas to suit our needs. 

When it comes to the children's rooms my first port of call is always the Great Little Trading Company who have a fantastic range of furniture and accessories which allow me to be creative with spaces. They have solved our shared bedroom conundrum with their under bed truckle drawers which saved us having to have two chests of drawers in Ellie and Phoebe's room, which freed up some space for the latest addition to the room and testing team project - a 2 in 1 dressing table/homework desk.

GLTC Star Bright desk, mirror, lamp and desk tidy

The girl's bedroom, although lovely, had really only been functional as somewhere to sleep until now and I wanted to add an area for them to enjoy or to take themselves off to for some peace and quiet - something that can be hard to come by in our busy household! It also needed to house some of their trinkets and be something that would grow with them as their needs change over the years. We chose a Star Bright Desk to match the girl's beds and some accessories to go with it to create a multi-purpose desk and dressing table for them to share.

Use 1: As a Homework Desk

Ellie now has weekly homework and really needed a space to sit and concentrate while she completes her worksheets. Since learning to read and write she'd often sit down at the kitchen table and write little notes for us or her friends, or make up little stories complete with illustration in her collection of sparkly notebooks. 

GLTC Star Bright Desk is a fab children's desk

She absolutely loves that she has her own little space to do this now and when Phoebe starts school in September I am sure she will enjoy it for this purpose equally.

The GLTC Star Bright Desk has roomy drawers for stationary

The table is a good size without being cumbersome with plenty of work space. It has two good size smooth sliding drawers to keep paper and stationary in. We teamed it with a Nelson chair which is the perfect height for sitting at and matches brilliantly. 

The GLTC Star Bright Desk works brilliantly with the GLTC Nelson Chair

We also added a Desk tidy to clear the clutter and for easy access to pens and pencils and other bits and bobs such as stickers and post it notes, rubbers and pencil sharpeners and I'm hoping to add this gorgeous little wooden perpetual calendar to it at some point.

A great desk tidy for all those little bits and bobs

If you were using it just as desk it would look fab with a GLTC pin board, clock, or co-coordinating star book ledge above it and it may be that our space evolves in the future for these things. One of my favourite things about GLTC is the flexibility their products give you to really create and personalise your spaces.

Use 2:  A Dressing Table

The girls - particularly Phoebe - love sparkly things.... I have no idea where they get it from as I don't consider myself a girly girl at all! We seem to have already accumulated a large collection of glittery hair accessories and children's jewellery with no where really to store them. We've used one of the drawers in the desk to house all their hairbands, brushes and treasures at the moment.

There's also space for the desk to double up as a dressing table with two drawers to house trinkets in

I'm sure as they reach the teenage years and things like make up are on their agendas the drawers will be a great spot for that too! Either way its great to have everything tidied away neatly. 

The desk doubles up as a dressing table by simply adding a mirror above it

Ellie has just learnt to put her own hair up with the help of a mirror so we added a star wall mirror  above the desk. This allows us to cleverly double the desk up as a dressing table but without taking up valuable space on the top. It also adds a bit of light to the room and provides a focal point, but best of all the girls really love it and feel really grown up having their own dressing table.

The finishing touch is a fab LED lamp perfect for cosy bedtime stories at night time or providing extra light while the girls work on duller days. I had wanted to add a lamp to the girl's bedroom for some time but had been worried about them burning themselves on the bulb or it getting knocked over. The enclosed LED bulb means that isn't an issue and it has an estimated lifespan of 15 years which is great. The position of the desk means that it's right in the middle of the girls beds so it doubles up as a bedside lamp too. The base is wooden and it comes in a several designs. I love the great and white star pattern as it just goes with everything.

A GLTC LED Lamp is the perfect accessory to safely add extra light to the room

This little area has been a great addition to the girls bedroom which I'm certain will see lots of use over the years.  GLTC's modern, yet classic design and high quality finish mean the furniture will stand the test of time and we can continue to adapt it's use to suit the girls needs over the years. I'm really pleased with how we've been able to use the furniture for dual use in this way and give the girls such a flexible space.

Me x

6 August 2018

A Party with Peter Rabbit

Last week, on Beatrix Potter's birthday we took our very own Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail along to a Peter Rabbit Party at the Lookout in Hyde Park to celebrate the release of the new Peter Rabbit Movie on DVD with Sony Pics At Home. We saw the film at the cinema and the girls loved it so we were really excited to go to this special screening.

Ellie meeting Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit himself was there to meet us when we arrived which was really special and thanks to Cini Mini Film Club there were lots of activities for the children to enjoy before the film which really brought it to life for the children.

Lottie meeting a chick

The girls adored meeting some of the animals that feature in the film including rabbits, ducklings. chicks, goats and even a little hedgehog!

Bunny flower pots

Next the girls filled little terracotta plant pots with soil and then decorated them with rabbit ears and a pom pom tail before planting a little sunflower seed, which are now growing beautifully on our kitchen windowsill.

The girls painting and colouring in the garden

One of their favourite areas was the art station where they spent ages painting in the gardens, where we also found Peter's jacket. The setting was just wonderful and it felt like we had entered mr McGregor's garden.

We found Peter Rabbit's jacket in the garden

It was then time to settle down and watch the film on beanbags with an incredibly cute basket filled with popcorn, little felt vegetables, glowsticks, gardening tools, seeds and a little bug explorer pot.

Party packs provided by Cine Mini Film Club

If you haven't seen the Peter Rabbit movie yet we'd really recommend it. I adored the Beatrix Potter stories as a child and love reading them with my own children now; the film is a really good modern adaptation of one of our favourite tales. It's a film the whole family can enjoy with a great storyline, lots of catchy songs and lots of funny moments too. It really engages the girls and they happily watch it all the way through, it's definitely a new favourite of ours which we will watch time and time again.

You can buy the film on DVD now, it's perfect for a family movie afternoon at home during the holidays or on rainy days, you could even hold your own Peter Rabbit Party!

Me x

*We were kindly invited along to this special press screening and had such a lovely day we wanted to share it with you. 
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