26 August 2018

Back to school with Marks and Spencer

The summer holidays have absolutely flown by, we have had so many adventures, wonderful slow days and spent lots of quality time together. As lovely as it has been, I think we are all ready to get back into some kind of routine and for me that always starts with our back to school shop. This academic year I have two little school girls to organise as Phoebe starts reception and joins Ellie as she goes into year two. They say time speeds up when your children starts school and that definitely rings true for me, so whilst I'm not ready at all for this milestone, the girls are all ready to go thanks to high street favourites Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer school uniform - pinafore dresses and polo shirts

If you've been here a while you'll know that I absolutely love M&S uniform, it lasts so well, washes brilliantly and is such lovely quality. Ellie started school in M&S uniform two years ago and I've been able to hand quite a bit of it down to Phoebe which is fabulous and testimony to the quality. Going shopping for school uniform feels like a bit of a right of passage and I think all part of getting mentally prepared for starting or going back to school for the children so off we went to M&S to stock up on outgrown items and buy Phoebe her very own first uniform.

Marks and Spencer school uniform - pinafore dresses and polo shirt

The girls chose these very sweet knitted pinafore dresses which are like jersey fabric and so soft and comfy, they love the bow detail! There are no buttons or zips to worry about which will make getting ready and out the door in the mornings and changing on their own on PE days that little bit easier and the fabric doesn't crease meaning they look really smart. 

Marks and Spencer school uniform - pinafore dresses

We also have some traditional button pinafores which I adore and always put the girls in for special school events like presentation assemblies, performances and church services, at 6 Ellie can easily manage the buttons. We also have some some pleated skirts which are adjustable at the waist and I find really good for the transition between summer and winter when it's not quite warm enough for a summer dress teamed with some knee high socks. We then keep it really simple and pair everything with white polo shirts which are stain resistant meaning they'll handle whatever the school day brings! 

Marks and Spencer school uniform - pinafore dresses

The thing I love about doing our school uniform shop at M&S is that it's a one stop shop, they have so much choice and a really broad range of sizing and you can get everything you need from coats, to back packs and scuff resistant shoes. While we were there we also stocked up basics like socks and tights and even vests for that extra layer when it gets cooler. The whole experience was really easy and stress free and the girls loved their uniforms and were so excited that they wanted to leave the shop wearing them! 

Marks and Spencer school uniform - pinafore dresses

The fact that they love their uniform is really important especially as they will be spending five days a week in it learning, painting, eating lunch, sitting in assembly, playing, cartwheeling on the school field and running around the playground. I know from experience that their uniform will confidently pass all those tests and will only need replacing as they grow which is always bittersweet as a mother but I'll enjoy watching them bloom.

Me x

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