15 August 2018

Creating Multi Purpose Smart Spaces

With space at a premium in our house I am always trying to think of smart ways to use and make the best of what we have available. First I think about what we want or need to use the space in our rooms for, then I try and create practical multi-purpose areas to suit our needs. 

When it comes to the children's rooms my first port of call is always the Great Little Trading Company who have a fantastic range of furniture and accessories which allow me to be creative with spaces. They have solved our shared bedroom conundrum with their under bed truckle drawers which saved us having to have two chests of drawers in Ellie and Phoebe's room, which freed up some space for the latest addition to the room and testing team project - a 2 in 1 dressing table/homework desk.

GLTC Star Bright desk, mirror, lamp and desk tidy

The girl's bedroom, although lovely, had really only been functional as somewhere to sleep until now and I wanted to add an area for them to enjoy or to take themselves off to for some peace and quiet - something that can be hard to come by in our busy household! It also needed to house some of their trinkets and be something that would grow with them as their needs change over the years. We chose a Star Bright Desk to match the girl's beds and some accessories to go with it to create a multi-purpose desk and dressing table for them to share.

Use 1: As a Homework Desk

Ellie now has weekly homework and really needed a space to sit and concentrate while she completes her worksheets. Since learning to read and write she'd often sit down at the kitchen table and write little notes for us or her friends, or make up little stories complete with illustration in her collection of sparkly notebooks. 

GLTC Star Bright Desk is a fab children's desk

She absolutely loves that she has her own little space to do this now and when Phoebe starts school in September I am sure she will enjoy it for this purpose equally.

The GLTC Star Bright Desk has roomy drawers for stationary

The table is a good size without being cumbersome with plenty of work space. It has two good size smooth sliding drawers to keep paper and stationary in. We teamed it with a Nelson chair which is the perfect height for sitting at and matches brilliantly. 

The GLTC Star Bright Desk works brilliantly with the GLTC Nelson Chair

We also added a Desk tidy to clear the clutter and for easy access to pens and pencils and other bits and bobs such as stickers and post it notes, rubbers and pencil sharpeners and I'm hoping to add this gorgeous little wooden perpetual calendar to it at some point.

A great desk tidy for all those little bits and bobs

If you were using it just as desk it would look fab with a GLTC pin board, clock, or co-coordinating star book ledge above it and it may be that our space evolves in the future for these things. One of my favourite things about GLTC is the flexibility their products give you to really create and personalise your spaces.

Use 2:  A Dressing Table

The girls - particularly Phoebe - love sparkly things.... I have no idea where they get it from as I don't consider myself a girly girl at all! We seem to have already accumulated a large collection of glittery hair accessories and children's jewellery with no where really to store them. We've used one of the drawers in the desk to house all their hairbands, brushes and treasures at the moment.

There's also space for the desk to double up as a dressing table with two drawers to house trinkets in

I'm sure as they reach the teenage years and things like make up are on their agendas the drawers will be a great spot for that too! Either way its great to have everything tidied away neatly. 

The desk doubles up as a dressing table by simply adding a mirror above it

Ellie has just learnt to put her own hair up with the help of a mirror so we added a star wall mirror  above the desk. This allows us to cleverly double the desk up as a dressing table but without taking up valuable space on the top. It also adds a bit of light to the room and provides a focal point, but best of all the girls really love it and feel really grown up having their own dressing table.

The finishing touch is a fab LED lamp perfect for cosy bedtime stories at night time or providing extra light while the girls work on duller days. I had wanted to add a lamp to the girl's bedroom for some time but had been worried about them burning themselves on the bulb or it getting knocked over. The enclosed LED bulb means that isn't an issue and it has an estimated lifespan of 15 years which is great. The position of the desk means that it's right in the middle of the girls beds so it doubles up as a bedside lamp too. The base is wooden and it comes in a several designs. I love the great and white star pattern as it just goes with everything.

A GLTC LED Lamp is the perfect accessory to safely add extra light to the room

This little area has been a great addition to the girls bedroom which I'm certain will see lots of use over the years.  GLTC's modern, yet classic design and high quality finish mean the furniture will stand the test of time and we can continue to adapt it's use to suit the girls needs over the years. I'm really pleased with how we've been able to use the furniture for dual use in this way and give the girls such a flexible space.

Me x

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