23 August 2018

Lottie is Three!

To our little Lottie

You are three! Apparently I’m not allowed to call you little anymore because you are a big girl and grew in the night... You always make us smile with your little sayings, comments and mispronunciations, I thought I’d document some of them here as I know that one day we’ll forget..
  1. A big one cheese - means a slice of cheese, you usually ask for this when we are making tea
  2. Seebee/Seebs- What you call Phoebe.
  3. Ella - what you call Ellie, no one else does but Ellie secretly loves it
  4. Bankon bankon - we still have absolutely no idea what this means but it’s usually when you are being silly and it never fails to crack your big sisters up
  5. Oonicorn - aka unicorn, something we don’t correct because it’s very cute when you say it.

Lottie is three

You are growing into such a lovely and confident little girl, you love playing with your sisters, cousins and friends and are thriving at playschool. You are kind and caring and so, so cuddly. You have absolutely no awareness of personal space, or if you do you just don't care and want to be as close to us as you can. You still often wake in the night for a cuddle and I still sit on your bedroom floor each night when I put you to bed. Then there are the nights when you just wander into our room with your drink and Jeromey and climb  into the middle of our bed. It’s getting a bit of a squash and a squeeze now that you’re three, but you're the baby of the family and I'm clinging onto these days for dear life so we let it go.. 

Lottie is three

Being the youngest you get away with so much, helped by the fact that we all think you are super cute, if not sometimes a little bit wild! When I asked your big sisters how they would describe you they said 'adorable, funny and loves her big sisters'. You play so well with them, usually 'mums and darlings' and always want to be the big sister, something you don’t usually get to do and on the most part the others humour you.

Lottie is three

You are cheeky, you are lively, you bring a little bit of sunshine. You love scooting, going to the park and singing - you sing all the time, every day whether or not anyone is listening. You swim every week with daddy on a Thursday and are quite at home in the water, jumping in as you shout 'watch me mummy and daddy!'

You are super ticklish, even putting your suncream on sends you into hysterical giggles. Your laugh is fantastic and totally contagious, it's a total cliche but I wish I could bottle it, teamed with your dance moves! Your favourite colour is currently purple, your favourite food is probably hummus, otherwise known as dip dip, closely followed by our Sunday morning pancake tradition.

Lottie is three

You very rarely complain and if you do it’s really only because you are tired or hungry. You are a tolerant soul and have already learnt such patience, I guess traits developed from being the youngest of three. At the same time you don’t take any nonsense and definitely know what you like! 

Lottie is three

Whilst you are keen to grow up and follow in your sisters footsteps, don’t rush little one. You are desperate to start school with Phoebe, which you will be next year just a few weeks after your 4th birthday! In the meantime we have managed to console you with being one of the older children at playschool to which you said you will look after the little ones. You’re still such a little dot that most of the ‘little ones’ will probably be bigger than you in size, but you have the biggest of hearts and that is what really matters! 

Happy birthday my darling

Love Mama (really hoping you don't stop calling me that anytime soon) x

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