5 September 2018

Phoebe is starting school

To Phoebe

Tomorrow is your first day at School. 

When your playschool teacher asked you what you are looking forward to most about starting school you said 'everything', when they asked you if there was anything you were worried about you said 'nothing' and I think that sums you up pretty well! 

Phoebe all ready for her first day at school

I have been a bit nervous about this impending milestone as you do everything on your own terms and I knew if you didn't want to go we would have a fight on our hands! Luckily you are ready to begin this adventure and really excited. 

We've been to get your new uniform (which you wanted to wear out of the shop), we've got your school shoes and book bag and we've got a good dose of courage and confidence ready for the morning. 

There are definitely benefits to being a younger sibling, you have dropped Ellie off with us every morning for the last two years so school is a familiar concept and you sort of know what to expect in terms of the new routine that awaits you. You look up to your big sister ever such a lot and are thrilled to be joining her at school. You both put your uniforms on last week and you asked daddy if he could tell you apart as you thought you looked exactly the same and were so proud. 

You are really lucky in that you have just 10 children in your class this year and the most wonderful teacher who is just like Miss Honey from Matilda, we really couldn't ask for a better start for you. On top of that you'll have your big sister there with you to give you a reassuring smile in assembly, help you in the lunch hall and to play with at break times. 

Starting school is such a big milestone for you and for me, it's so hard to let go but when I give you a squish at the classroom door tomorrow I promise I will, at least physically! You are going to have the best time my darling and although we are going to miss you so much (Lottie will be lost without you) we can't wait to watch you bloom and grow. 

Good luck little one, we're so proud of you and all that you are.

Mummy x

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