18 October 2018

Tidy Toys with GLTC

Over the last few years we have acquired so many toys and they were beginning to take over the house a little bit. Our playroom was bursting at the seams so we decided with Christmas and two birthdays on the horizon (meaning the inevitable influx of new toys!) that it was time to have a long over due clear out and make room for the girls to actually play. There were lots of toys taking up valuable space that the girls had now outgrown, as well as toys that they just weren't playing with because they couldn't find or access them very easily. 

This prompted us to look at our playroom storage and we realised that the girls needs had changed from when we first designed the playroom and that it was time for an update. Priorities when looking for solutions were style and functionality, the ability to customise for the girls changing needs, making the most of the space we have and ease of use. As always our first port of call was Great Little Trading Co who have a huge range of brilliant storage options to help tidy away toys and keep rooms mess and clutter free.

We chose the Abbeville Nine Cube Storage unit in white (also available in grey and stone and lots of other shapes and sizes) and teamed it with three Woodland Canvas Storage Cubes and three Ivory and Sage Rope Storage Baskets. I love this combination together, it looks really fresh and is also a little more grown up than what we had previously. 

Choosing the storage to go in the Abbeville Cube was actually the hardest part because there are lots gorgeous options colour ways to choose from - but this does mean you can completely customise the look to suit you. Our new Abbeville Cube has replaced two larger 4 cube units which sat side by side so has freed up a bit of floor and wall space meaning the girls have more room to play. In addition to the nine cubes you can also pop things on top to really maximise the space available, whether that's art supplies, more toys, or decorative items like plants and photo frames.

The great thing about GLTC storage solutions is that even if you don't have a playroom they work brilliantly in family spaces such as the living room and kitchen too, so you can style them to work with your room. There are lots of options to choose from and you can mix and match the ranges so you can effectively create a bespoke storage solution to work for the space that you have. Their furniture is so versatile and can be used to store all sorts of things; we love our Abbeville Storage Bench which we currently use for keeping shoes and bags in near the hallway.

The canvas cubes and rope baskets fit perfectly in the Abbeville Storage Cubes and you can squeeze lots in them; I find them particularly great for grouping together lots of loose bits and pieces Ours currently house things like Duplo, Playmobil, soft toys and imaginative play things. They are just the right size and easy for the girls to pull in and out using the handles and to pack away too. Best of all, when everything is put away in them the playroom looks so neat and tidy without any clutter in sight!

We kept the top three spots clear for books, some little suitcases which the girls keep their tiny world things in, and one spot to rotate a larger toys to inspire and invite play. I love the flexibility the Nine Cube gives us either to add or remove more storage as the girl's toys change meaning it's a piece of furniture which can grow with us.

We moved the play kitchen from the corner of the room next to the storage unit which has worked well as the doors can now open fully and there's more room for the girls to play alongside each other. It also meant we could use it's previous position to create a 'doll nursery area' with the play cot, pram and high chair altogether. 

We added a large Ivory Rope Storage Tub to this part of the room 
to keep the girls dolls and accessories which they play with every single day. It's much easier for them to find what they are looking for and to scoop it all up and pop it in the basket when they have finished playing and has freed up the cot and pram for them to actually play with when they were previously full of dolls. 

I love these baskets and feel like I could do with one in every room in the house, they are particularly handy for housing cuddly toys or something you have lots of - in our case dolls. They are really generously sized, hold their shape and stand up well as well as being available in a gorgeous range of neutral colours.

Everything now has a home, the girls know where to find things and it's much easier to tidy the playroom at the end of the day. Our home feels slightly less taken over, the girls have room to play and we have found a stylish toy storage solution that I love. Thank you for coming to the rescue once again GLTC!

Me x

*This is a collaborative post as part of our GLTC Testing Team Role.
We were kindly gifted the Abbeville Storage Unit and Storage baskets in exchange for an honest review.
All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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