16 October 2018

Mini Mamas and their Tiny Treasures

I love watching my girls play mummies - innately nurturing their dolls, dressing them, feeding them, cuddling them just as if they were real babies. It's a game they role play together most days and even more so since they were kindly sent three very sweet Tiny Treasures Dolls to look after. 

Tiny Treasures Doll Review

Tiny Treasures dolls are incredibly life like with lots of lovely features which the girls have really responded to. We have acquired quite a collection of dolls over the years but I have never seen them as taken with a doll as they are with their Tiny Treasures.

Tiny Treasures Doll Review

The girls were thrilled to receive a set of Twin Babies and a singular Baby Doll with Pink Outfit and Hat as well as some gorgeous spare outfits to dress them in. Ivy, Daisy and Jackson (as named by their new mummies) arrived in boxes shaped like car seats with actual buckles fastening them in, a small detail which immediately made the dolls feel less like toys to the girls and more like real babies. They played with the boxes for ages, clipping them back into their car seats, it was a real novelty for them.

Tiny Treasures Twin Babies in their car seat box

Unclipping them from the car seat box and giving them a cuddle the first thing they commented on was how cute they were with their bright eyes, adorable outfits and lots of hair! I love that there are no wires, plastic clips or string fastening the dolls into the box and that the girls could get them straight out themselves. Toy packaging can often take away the joy of receiving a new toy as a gift when you have to pass it to an adult to wrangle it out of the box when all you want to do is play with it.

Phoebe cuddling her Tiny Treasures Baby

The dolls are cleverly weighted to feel like holding a real baby but with soft bodies and smell like baby powder. They are heavier than other dolls we have but also more comfortable to hold and I noticed that the girls were naturally popping them up on their shoulders and cradling them more as a result. Their limbs and head although plastic are soft and floppy which makes them easy to dress, their bodies are fabric and not anatomically correct. 

Ellie dressing her Tiny Treasures Baby

The dolls have a full head of soft hair which the girls have loved brushing, it makes a nice change from the bald babies we have had in the past and adds another element of play. I've noticed that they put their Tiny Treasures in the high chair more than they do their other dolls and will feed them play food which is perhaps due to them having hair and resembling an older baby.

Phoebe feeding her Tiny Treasures doll in the high chair

The dolls came with Birth Certificates to fill in and a newborn hospital name tag which are really lovely touches and make them especially perfect for a new baby present for a child expecting a sibling. Their eyes also close when they are laid down and they come with a velcro fabric nappy on, both of which add elements of imaginative play such as putting their babies to bed or changing their nappy.

Bedtime for baby

The girls were also kindly sent a Bedtime Cuddles, Out and About Bunny and Dinosaur outfits for their babies. This would usually mean that dolls are brought to me to be undressed and dressed but the girls have been able to do this themselves due to the design of the dolls and clothing which is far less frustrating for them and great for me! The additional outfits are really cute and there are lots to choose from as well as additional accessories including baby carriers, changing bags and even a sleep sack.

Tiny Treasures additional outfits, some of the nicest dolls clothes we have seen

The Tiny Treasures dolls and accessories are such great quality and good value for money with hours of play value. Play is so important so it's great to find a toy that appeals to all three of them and watching them play together so nicely and being such wonderful mini mamas is really lovely to see. The girls just adore them and have hardly put them down since they arrived. They may not have fancy features like crying, talking, walking,crawling etc but they do what good toys should do which is ignite a child's imagination and inspire play. 

Tiny Treasures Dolls and Accessories are available exclusively at Argos, you can see the full collection HERE.

What's in the box?

  • Twin Babies come with 2 x dolls wearing babygrows and hats, hospital name tags a birth certificate and a teething toy each
  • Singular Baby comes with 1 x doll wearing a babygrow and hat with hospital name tag and birth certificate

Key Features

  • Soft bodies
  • Smell like baby powder
  • 44cm long
  • weighs 2lb 10oz
  • weighted to feel like a real baby with floppy limbs and head
  • sleepy eyes
  • Soft hair
  • Lots of additional accessories available
  • Recommended for children age 3+

Me x

*We were kindly sent the Tiny Treasures Dolls and outfits in exchange for an honest review. 
All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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