2 December 2018

Ellie is 7

To Ellie

Today you are seven! Sitting down to write your birthday letter is getting harder because there is just so much to say, so much I want to remember about how you are right now. You are quite simply the sweetest little lady at the moment, so kind, so thoughtful and so happy.

Ellie on her 7th birthday

There are three things I particularly admire about you - you're really keen to give things a go, rarely complain and always try your hardest. This is probably best summarised by watching you at your swimming lessons where your determination to progress is really evident. I'm not sure you really like swimming but you know that you need to be able to do it and so you just get on with it. This term at school you asked to do sports club, choir and dance club which I thought was too much but you absolutely insisted. You really wanted to try new things and enjoy the social side as well as the independence it brings.

One of my favourite moments this year was seeing the pride on your face as you mastered riding your bike without stabilisers. This did not come easily to you but you kept trying and eventually you got the hang of it and now there's no stopping you, except perhaps on a hill where the cautious side of your personality takes over!

You still dance continually around the house and you make our hearts dance when you do it, you seem to have a natural aptitude and told us recently that your dream is to dance in the Nutcracker and Swan Lake. It really wouldn't surprise me if one day that dream comes true for you and I really hope it does.

You've started writing using joined up handwriting this year and can read beautifully. We got you an illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for your birthday and you loved it as much as we hoped you would. The only problem is that Mummy and Daddy are squabbling over who gets to read it with you at bedtime!

Talking of your birthday... you set me the task of a Llama themed party and cake - you're always thinking creatively outside the box and inadvertently pushing me to do the same! I love that you are happy to go off piste a bit and don't feel the need to follow the crowd and hope that we can continue to help you know that being yourself is the best way to be. I wasn't that surprised when you made this request as you really love animals and spend lots of time playing with your Sylvanian Families and Schleich figures.

You particularly love dogs, a love that was sparked by Jack, your grandparents dog who joined the family when you were just 8 months old and who sadly passed away suddenly last month. Needless to say you are heartbroken. You ask us almost weekly if we can have a puppy and we really hope that one day we will make that happen as we know you would care for it wonderfully. Your caring nature and awareness of others is so lovely, you are so compassionate, great company, good fun and beautiful inside and out little miss, there is a lot to learn from you.

Happy birthday darling

Love Mummy x

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