20 January 2019

Phoebe Is Five

To Phoebe

This year has hurtled by at an alarming rate. It's been a big one for you with you starting school in September, but it's safe to say you totally love it and have really come into your own. I think it's made you feel really grown up and your lovely little school gives you such confidence. You love learning and are keen to read and write us little notes. You've also become quite the little artist with some wonderful creations coming home. Things like dance and PE have are a revelation to you and I can tell you're enjoying discovering the new things school has to offer. You're not quite sure about school dinners, or fire drills, although we've settled on jacket potato's with beans most days which is fine with me. I'm not sure you'll ever get over the disappointment that there wasn't an actual fire when the fire bell went and you had to stand out in the playground!

Phoebe on her 5th Birthday

You're cheeky and lots of fun to be around, always cheerful and super loud when you want to be for someone so dinky. A wonderful example was your reinvention of the inn keepers wife role in the nativity this year - so much feist and comedy with a 'no room at the inn I say' delivered in a way that could win you a role in Eastenders and made everyone smile.

You're showing such kindness to your classmates, including them, championing them and fighting their corner and we're unbelievably proud of you for that. You're great at being a friend, a sister and part of a group. People say that being the 'middle' child can be a tricky place in the family but I think having a big sister and a little sister has taught you how to interact and play with children older and younger than you.

As much as you're thriving at school I'm really missing having you home on my days off and Lottie is too. You and Lottie still play for hours with your babies at weekends and you're the first out in the garden to make a mud pie or a fairy garden. You and Ellie have grown closer now that you're at school together, you really look out for each other there which is just lovely.

You are so speedy on your balance bike, we now just need to convince you to get on one with pedals - but as with everything, you'll do it when you're ready! You are such a little magpie, a collector of treasures and all things sparkly and have little bags and boxes of things squirrelled all around the house. This birthday all you asked us for was some clip on earrings and jammy dodger cupcakes and were thrilled with both.

You continue to amaze us with your very clear fashion choices and attention to detail... only recently you asked us to have your hair cut into a bob and it really suits you. You know yourself so well and are confident in your decisions and I absolutely love that. Despite your confidence, you're still quite a home bird and like familiarity meaning new things can be daunting for you. You come to my side and take my hand for reassurance and I love that you know that I'm always there to give it. Bedtime stories are my favourite as you snuggle right in and make sure my arm is around you as we read, a moment of still that I really treasure every day.

You're happy and loving, you share and you care and are generally awesome.
Keep being you little lady because there is no one quite like you.

Love you lots 

Mummy x

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