5 July 2019

Looking back with Minbie

With my youngest baby starting school this year I've been taking some time to reflect and look back as we close the door on what feels like such a significant chapter in our lives. As of September, all three of the girls will be at School which just feels unbelievable. People tell you that the baby days fly by and gosh they absolutely do, I miss them a bit but am ready to move on to the next stage too. Thinking back to when I had 3 children under 4 feels like a lifetime ago and I often wonder how we did it. I was at home full time with them, which definitely helped, but it was a very intense period of my life when three little people were extremely reliant on me for their every need. 

Now that the girls are older and more independent, I'm really enjoying my friends and family having babies and being able to support them and snuggle their babes. Even in a few short years there seem to be so many new baby products on the market that I wish I'd known about or been able to try to have made life easier, one of those being the Minbie Bottle.

I exclusively breastfed all three of the girls until around their first birthday which I'm so proud of and really wanted to do. However, I really struggled to get them to take a bottle meaning I was very rarely able to leave them and had to be there at every bedtime for that last feed of the day. There were days when it would have been so nice to know that I could confidently hand the baby over with a bottle and pop out for a few hours to have a break, attend an appointment or spend some one on one time with older siblings without feeling really anxious about leaving the babies who were so reliant on me.

None of our children slept through the night reliably before they were two, in fact only now 7.5 years into our parenting journey are we regularly getting a full nights sleep! The night feeds during that first year of each baby's life were tough, particularly third time around when I had a very lively 2 and 4 year old to entertain the next day and the sleep deprivation was extreme. I would have given anything at one time to hand the baby over to my husband for an unbroken nights sleep which is why we persevered with offering various bottles. We must have tried 4 or 5 different bottles before eventually giving up trying in the end, pumping my milk and having to throw it away as the girls wouldn't take a bottle was so deflating. 

Minbie bottles are designed to support mums with breastfeeding and enable them to successfully bottle and breastfeed as and when they need and for as long as they want to. The brilliant thing about the Minbie bottle is the revolutionary teat design which allows the baby to latch and feed in the same way that they would breastfeed meaning there is less chance of nipple confusion than with other teats as well as ease of transition between breast and bottle. Babies need to use the same motion to feed and flow is controlled in the same way too meaning that they are in control of the pace of the feed. The teats which are made from premium-quality soft, flexible BPA free silicone have a superior anti-colic and anti reflux system too. 

You only have to read the reviews on the website to see that many mums have had great success with Minbie products and to understand why they are an award winning brand. From chatting to family and friends who have had success with Minbie bottles in getting their breastfed babies to take a bottle I would have loved the opportunity to give these a go. I'm all for anything that helps take the pressure off when it comes to parenting and am delighted that Minbie have given me a discount code to share with you. Simply visit https://minbie.co.uk and enter 3little10% at checkout.

Me x

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Minbie. 
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