5 August 2019

Summer Play with the GLTC Seaside Fish and Chip Shop

Lottie is off to School in September and the long summer holidays are the perfect time to practice some of the skills she'll need. I'm really pleased that her reception year will see her continuing to learn through play, a concept our friends at Great Little Trading Co design all their toys around. GLTC kindly sent us their Seaside Fish & Chip Shop to get Lottie ready for the 'Big Wide World' this summer and develop her social, creative, imaginative and motor skills -  all through play!

The Seaside Fish & Chip Shop has so much play value and was a hit as soon as it came out of the box. It's beautifully made from high quality painted wood with a small footprint making it nice and portable and sits perfectly on any flat surface enabling children to set up their shop with ease. We love wooden toys, not only do they look lovely in your home they are environmentally friendly and are built to last - particularly when the come from GLTC! 

The shop comes with lots of accessories including plenty of chips, two pieces of fish, mushy peas, lemon slices, vinegar, tomato sauce, a salt pot (which makes a shaking sound!), tongs and four cones. The children's imaginations have been well and truly ignited and they have been getting really creative with how they play with it. 

The Seaside Fish & Chip Shop works really well alongside our existing toys and the girls have added in extra food to it from our play kitchen, popped it on top of the play shop, and set it up with a chair behind it and their till beside it. It seems to have found a home for now on top of their GLTC Tea Trolley allowing them to wheel it from room to room and out into the garden.

It's been so interesting watching the girls play together and independently with the shop, as well as playing with them. The Seaside Fish & Chip Shop provides so many opportunities through imaginative play and role play to develop language and social skills. It has encouraged Lottie to ask questions and chat confidently; something that will be really important when she goes to school as well as out in the 'Big Wide World'. We've also practiced our manners with pleases and thank you's and encouraged numeracy skills by asking her to count out chips. 

One of the aspects all three girls have enjoyed is the challenge of picking the food up with the tongs. This is great for developing and tuning their fine motor skills as well as making their play feel really real. Adding in our till has been great for teaching the children about money and practicing maths skills. 

Writing out a little blackboard menu with prices and then asking for different combinations for Ellie and Phoebe to add up has been great for including a little bit of numeracy into their play. Giving the older girls a pencil and a little notepad to jot down an order extends their play and learning even further and they really enjoy mimicking what they see when we go out to a restaurant.

The Seaside Fish & Chip Shop has been a great addition to our playroom and something that the girls play with so well with together, whether they are setting it all up, taking it in turns to be the customer and shop keeper and even resetting it. Having tested it with children aged three through to seven it's definitely a toy that continues to grow with your child and is perfect for little imaginations -  we think it's fab!

Me x

*This is a collaborative post. 
We were kindly gifted the GLTC Seaside Fish and Chip Shop as part of our GLTC Testing Team role.
 All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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