23 August 2019

Lottie is Four!

To Lottie
You are finally FOUR! You’ve been desperately awaiting this day, as being an August baby you have watched all your friends turn four this year and have been very keen to join them. You are also extremely excited to be off to school in a week and a half, which just seems like madness to me. I think it’s the draw of the possibility of having a jacket potato for lunch most days, something you and I had on our day together on Fridays this past year which then became an accidental tradition!
I have absolutely nothing to worry about with you going to school -  you are happy, confident and have endless energy. After several years of school runs you’ll finally get to take your place beside your big sisters and will love every minute of it. I’m going to miss you and our days together ever such a lot as you are just so sweet and great company. You have the best laugh, it’s a real chuckle and never fails to make others laugh too. You’re really decisive and know your own mind and what you like, which I really admire. If I ever ask you to choose something, or give you the opportunity to pick something in a gift shop you do so without faltering. You never doubt the choice you have made and are always so pleased with it; even if it is totally and utterly random -  which it nearly always is! 
You love being outside -  making potions, playing in the playhouse, going to the park and playing imaginary games with your sisters. You are such a little team and it’s lovely to watch the different relationships you have with Ellie and Phoebe. We’re having a bit of a bedroom move around at the moment and you’re going to be sharing a room with Phoebe which you’re really excited about. You told me that you don’t like sleeping on your own the other day, which I already knew as you’ve been getting in with us for the last 4 years! For the last six months you have slept most nights in your own bed, with just the odd sneak in to us with the promise of a morning snuggle.
You love Julia Donaldson books, particularly Tabby McTat and The Highway Rat which has been a welcome change from Nibbles the Book Monster which we read every night for what felt like 100 consecutive days! You also currently love wearing shorts and recently begged me for some denim ones with a little butterfly on from John Lewis (which I then had to buy two further pairs of for your sisters as they got ‘short envy’).
You have the sweetest tooth I’ve ever known, in fact we’re yet to come across something that you don’t like. You’ve asked me for a big chocolate cake for your birthday this year with lots of chocolates on top – I’ve done my very best and hope you like it. We’re off to CBeebies Land for the day as you’ve been asking to go to ‘Bing World’ for a while now and you’re at the perfect age to enjoy it! Then we have your cousins coming over a play and cake at the weekend which is one of your favourite ways to spend a day.
We love you so much Lottie Lou and hope that being four is all you hope it will be and more.
Happy birthday
Love Mummy x

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