17 September 2019

A New Room For Ellie

We've recently had a little bedroom reshuffle and converted the nursery into a grown up space for Ellie with the help of our friends at Great Little Trading Co. Lottie has moved in to share a room with Phoebe, which is working brilliantly in terms of the current dynamics between the girls and was a natural step for her after growing out of her cot bed. The last time we decorated the little room was almost 8 years ago when we were expecting Ellie, so it was lovely to redesign the room for her once again as a little girl. And here it is...

Tate High Sleeper bed from Great Little Trading Co

The nursery is the smallest room in the house with a footprint of 2.9m x 2.3m to work with so presented a challenge in terms of designing a room to meet our needs. We decided to go for a high sleeper bed and the Tate High Sleeper from Great Little Trading Co ticked all the boxes. Choosing a high sleeper meant we could free up some floor space with room for a desk and reading corner underneath. 

The tate desk fits perfectly under the high sleeper

A standard single bed would have meant that the room would only be able to accommodate a bed and a chest of drawers. I wanted to make sure the room was versatile and that it will grow with Ellie as she gets older. I also wanted it to be a room that Ellie loves being in and can relax in and the Tate High Sleeper allowed us to do just that by maximising the available space in the room.

Tate high sleeper, greenway bookcase and view towards the door which we painted lilac

The bed itself is exceptional quality and built to last with a 5 year warrantee, which applies to the bed and mattress. It has a sturdy ivory solid wood frame and MDF panels with easy to climb steps and sufficiently high sides once the mattress is in place. I'm really impressed with it and think it is a perfect option for older children (recommended 6+).

Ellie standing next to her high sleeper bed, she is the perfect age for it

We opted for the Luxury Mattress which is so comfortable and supportive and also comes with a 30 day mattress trial meaning you can return it if your child isn't 100% comfortable for a refund or replacement. It's worth noting that the mattress for the Tate High Sleeper is the Euro Single and and slightly longer than a standard single mattress so standard fitted single sheets are very snug. This is easily solved by using a flat sheet or shopping for a Euro Single compatible sheet. Changing the sheets on a high sleeper isn't my favourite thing to do but it's totally worth it for the space we have saved.

Bed part built during the bed assembly service from GLTC

I would highly recommend GLTC's bed assembly service for a bed of this size. You can add this to your order at checkout for £45 which includes delivery, full assembly and removal of all the packaging. All you need to do is make sure that the room is clear and there is enough space for the bed to be built and put in place. It really took all the stress out of it and was a huge time saver which is always a plus for busy parents meaning Ellie was able to sleep in her new bed the same day it arrived.

The under bed chair easily transforms into a spare single sleepover bed

The Tate High Sleeper comes with a really comfy cushioned chair which converts really easily into a pull out sleepover bed. We are yet to venture into sleepover territory but it will be so handy for when we do. In the meantime it's being used by Ellie as a spot to curl up and read in peace and for sharing bedtime stories with us as there is enough space to sit together.

The chair that comes with the Tate high sleeper also works really well as a reading corner and Ellie loves curling up in it with a book

The chair can go at either end of the space underneath the bed leaving space for whatever you like such as another piece of furniture or toy storage. We added a Tate Desk and Nelson Chair in Ivory for Ellie to sit at and draw, write or do her homework. It's the perfect children's desk as it ever so spacious and I love that it is on wheels so can be easily moved to suit you. There is plenty of headroom underneath the bed itself meaning it will work for Ellie for the foreseeable future.

Ellie at her desk

You may have spotted some other Great Little Trading Co items, many of which we already owned as well as some new additions to finish off the room.  The shell pink Star Book Ledges work brilliantly at the top of Ellie's bunk to store books and a drink as well as underneath positioned so that they work next to both the desk and chair whichever way round they are.

Pink shell any which way shelves from Great Little Trading Co with all Ellie's favourite things on

We also added two shell pink Any Which Way Shelves above Ellie's chest of drawers to display her favourite things on and a Greenaway Narrow Bookcase which is another great space saver  and an accessible place to store her books.

Ellie by her greenway bookshelf from GLTC, it's great for displaying books your favourite books and easy for children to find them too

Finally we added a medium star rug for Ellie to climb down onto in the morning or play with some toys on the free floor space, it's so soft underfoot and really finishes the room off.  All these items come in several colour ways to suit the colour scheme in the room. I think the shell pink works really well with the grey soft furnishings and mint green walls.

A very happy Ellie in her new bed

I've just got a few accessories to add such as prints and some twinkly lights but Ellie absolutely loves her new bed and room and the independence it has given her, she feels really grown up and spends so much time in there. It's so much more than a place to sleep and choosing a high sleeper has enabled us to create that for her.

Ellie and her sisters building a den using her new bed

As well as spending time on her own which she definitely craves with two lively little sisters, she also invites them to play in her room with her and although not it's purpose, her new bed also happens to make the most wonderful den to play make believe in and tire them out ready for a good night's sleep!

Me x

*This is a collaborative post. 
We were kindly gifted the Tate High Sleeper, Mattress, Tate Desk, Nelson Chair and Bed Assembly service as part of our GLTC testing team role. 
All thoughts and opinions are my own and everything else featured in the post was purchased ourselves.*

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