16 October 2019

Puppy Love with Garden Trading

Over the summer holidays we welcomed a new member to the family - a lovely little border terrier puppy called Tiffin. With Lottie heading off to school to join her sisters and my nest emptying/generally having slightly more capacity it was the perfect time for us to get a dog.

I had braced myself for it to be somewhat of an upheaval as most people kept telling us we were mad to be adding a puppy to the mix just when we were reclaiming some kind of freedom. He has been such a great addition to the family; we feel like we have always had him and he's settled in brilliantly. It turns out after three children a dog is pretty straight forward! The girls are really enjoying playing with him and we're all benefitting from getting out every day for a walk and some fresh air.

Simple and neutral pet bowl from garden trading company and our border terrier pup Tiffin

Inevitably puppies come with a certain amount of stuff and need a space of their own in the family home, with this in mind we put aside a corner of the kitchen for Tiffin. The girls know that when he takes himself off to his bed that he needs some quiet time and we also have a place to keep all his bits and bobs such as food easily to hand. Given that these items were going to be on display in the kitchen I wanted them to fit in with our rustic country kitchen. My first port of call as always for stylish neutral homeware was Garden Trading who have a really lovely range for pets and kindly sent the items featured below.

A little corner of the kitchen for the dog with pet bin and treat tin from Garden Trading that fit our kitchen colour scheme perfectly

We chose two small stoneware pet bowls with a little paw print on for his food and water, I love how sturdy they are and how neutral in design meaning that they stay still while Tiffin eats his meals and look great too.

Tiffin enjoying his dinner in his Garden Trading dog bowl

They hold plenty of food and are easy to clean, they are also available in a larger size too. The small bowl will be perfect for Tiffin even when he grows which is great, he seems to like them and patiently awaits dinner time!

Tiffin waiting for his next meal! The small Garden Trading dog bowls are perfectly sized for our border terrier pup

We store his food in a medium Pet Bin in chalk (7kg) which also comes in a small (3.5kg) and large (15kg) capacities. It comes with a handy scoop and a gorgeous leather handle. It keeps Tiffin's food out of sight but easily accessible for mealtimes. You could also store pet toys and accessories such as leads and grooming items in it instead.

Medium chalk pet bin and dog bowl from Garden Trading -  so handy it comes with a scoop

We paired it with a little Treat Tin to keep treats in for training or a little snack in-between meals which the girls (who have really enjoyed teaching Tiffin all kinds of tricks!) can reach and open. I'm really pleased how both tins effortlessly fit with our existing kitchen decor and colour scheme and love the leather handle detail.

Small, chalk coloured tin with leather handle, perfect for dog treats

I'm going to fully embrace making this little corner of the kitchen 'Tiffin's corner. I'd like to add a Hambledon peg rail to the wall for his lead and am on the look out for a suitable print for the wall. I hope our little pup feels nice and welcome in our home, because we really can't remember life without him and he is already so very loved. 

Me x

*This is a collaborative post, we were kindly gifted the items mentioned
 from Garden Trading Company. 
 thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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