27 November 2019

Countdown to Christmas with GLTC

The countdown to Christmas is such an exciting time but it can feel like a long wait until Christmas day if you're a child. Something our children look forward to each year is opening their advent calendar, which as well as providing a little treat each day helps them count down the sleeps until Christmas morning.

Great Little Trading Co Wooden Advent Calendar

This year we have been very kindly sent a beautiful Wooden Advent Calendar by Great Little Trading Co to test as part of our testing team role and we love it for several reasons:
  1. It's incredibly well made and doubles up as a decoration too. The girls love the cute little characters on top!
  2. It's plastic free and reusable making it a sustainable option as we can keep it forever. I love creating Christmas traditions for the girls and really like the idea of using the calendar year upon year and it becoming something they'll remember when they are older. 
  3. You can fill it with whatever you like! The girls love chocolate coins so I'll be filling ours with those, but you could also put in stickers or little Christmas notes with festive activities on. GLTC have a brilliant set of printable ideas over on their blog which you can download HERE
  4. There are 24 easy to open doors and behind each door there is a hidden message telling you how many sleeps there are until Christmas.
  5. It's well sized with a small footprint, but with enough space behind each door for me to include three little treats meaning the girls can share it. 
Great Little Trading Co Wooden Advent Calendar

I can't wait to fill it up this year and every year after and I know the girls will love opening it each morning. You can find this calendar and a whole host of gorgeous Christmas decorations and gift ideas over on the Great Little Trading Company website.

Me x

*This is a collaborative post.
We were kindly gifted the calendar as part of our GLTC Testing Team role*

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