20 January 2020

Phoebe is 6

To Phoebe

You are six! That feels so grown up! For your birthday this year you asked me to make you a millionaire shortbread cake... you were very sure of your decision and had every faith that I could make it - both qualities that I adore about you. Whenever you decide something it's always on your terms and you stick with it.

Last summer you decided to start ballet lessons after you heard the ballet school were doing a show which involved wearing a silver sparkly leotard! You danced beautifully in that sparkly leotard and enjoyed it so much that you have continued with your lessons this year. You also have weekly swimming lessons and are so speedy in the water and your confidence is growing with each class. You are desperate to do gymnastics classes so I'm hoping by the time I write your next birthday letter that we have found a group we can fit in as I know you'll be a natural.

You learnt to ride your bike just before Christmas and tackled that with real courage, repeating to yourself 'I can do it' over and over as you peddled off independently into the distance. You have great determination and self belief in just the right quantities and will keep trying until you succeed. You are incredibly keen to learn and so studious - you like to do your homework as soon as it is set and always read more of your reading book than is expected.

You lost two teeth in December - your bottom middle two - resulting in your first visit from your tooth fairy blossom and are fascinated by the whole process of a tooth getting wobbly, coming out and a new one growing in it's place and of course the 'gold coin' reward for a shiny white tooth! If you're not a jeweller, a banker or a geologist when you're older I'll be amazed. You are still so drawn to sparkly, glittery things and asked Father Christmas this year for 'lots of gems' and were over the moon when he brought a gem excavation kit!

You have a lovely groups of friends who came for a unicorn afternoon tea the weekend before your birthday, they all wrote in your card what a wonderful friend you are which was so lovely to read. You are a kind and caring girl and will always stand up for others which is really important. My favourite thing at the moment is how much you tell me that you love me. You will just walk into the room, look at me and say 'I love you mummy so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so much!' You write little notes and leave them on our pillows, you laid out every Lego star wars character we have on daddy's bedside table recently to find when he got home from bed because you know he loves star wars.

You're always keen to help me with jobs around the house and have recently started showing more of an interest in cooking. You've learnt to peel and chop vegetables, grate cheese and are intrigued by flavours and how all the different ingredients come together to make a dish and I'm really enjoying teaching you.

You've overcome your fear of dogs this year too with the arrival of our puppy Tiffin in the summer. When we first went to see him when he was just a few weeks old you were scared to hold him and were cautious when we first brought him home. It's been great to watch your confidence around him grow and how wonderful you are with him. You're often the first to go down in the morning and say good morning to him, he sits at your command and you're always taking stolen toys off him and grooming him. We're so proud of you for that.

It's been quite a year and can't wait to watch you grow even more this year my darling and love you to the moon, round all the stars, one hundred times around the world and back again.

Mummy x

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