2 December 2019

Ellie is 8

Dear Ellie

And just like that you're eight! It's been a busy year for you with some changes as you've moved into year three and key stage three at school. You've started wearing glasses this year for board work at school and watching TV and chose a really cute pink pair that really suit you, they do however make you look ever so grown up which I'm not sure I'm ready for!

True to form you're getting involved in lots of different activities, trying new things and really enjoying all your extra curricular clubs. You've started playing the fife this year in preparation for a flute and I can tell that this brings you a huge sense of achievement. The arts are definitely your thing and something you are naturally good at and enjoy. You're doing amazingly well with your ballet and have moved up to Grade 2 and have auditioned for extra classes as a Cecchetti Associate in London - something you are so keen to pursue. 

I love that you take every opportunity that is presented to you with such enthusiasm - one of these being singing at Young Voices 2020 in January. Even though things scare you sometimes you dig deep and find some courage surprising me sometimes. This summer you had a go at indoor rock climbing with daddy and it was amazing to watch you climb a little higher and then a little higher each time. You do love an adventure, particularly when it comes to holidays and were thrilled that we stayed in a beach hut in August and even had a very chilly early morning dip in the sea each day! You're off on your first school residential next year and although you're apprehensive, with a likely little wobble just before, I know you'll take it all in your stride because of how you've approached life so far.

You are incredibly sensitive and caring and love animals. You asked to sponsor an endangered animal  for Christmas this year which was such a thoughtful request and are looking forward to your newsletters arriving in the post. You love to read, and be read to - we're covering some great authors together which is really special - David Walliams, JK Rowling and Enid Blyton to name a few. You still love Harry Potter, along with narwhals and llamas!

We moved you back into what was your nursery this year after sharing with Phoebe for a few years. You have definitely inherited my need for space and time on your own every now and then so we created a lovely grown up room for you with a high sleeper, with a reading corner and desk underneath where you really enjoy taking yourself off to. This change has also meant that you've been able to stay up a little later than your sisters on occasion and I've loved sitting watching Strictly Come Dancing and the Greatest Dancer with you on Saturday evenings - you're such great company and I treasure that time with you. 

You have a great imagination and still play often which I'm so delighted about in a time where childhood as I remember it appears to be getting shorter. You come up with great creative ideas and will make things like tickets and posters for our movie nights and you draw whenever you get chance.

The icing on the cake this year if I were to ask you, would have to be the addition of our little border terrier puppy Tiffin! With you all being a bit older were finally in a position to add a dog to the family and it was wonderful when we took you to see the litter to choose one. Tiffin sat on your knee for ages the first time we went and then the second time we went to visit he came straight over to you. Daddy says it's like he knew he was meant to be yours. He's bringing the whole family so much joy so thank you for being so persistent - we're all really glad you were!

I want you to know how proud I am of you every single day just for being you, of your kindness and your patience with your sisters (it's not always easy being the eldest, I know) and that I love you so much. 

Happy birthday my love. 

Mummy x

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